About us

Palisades is a rapidly growing company that delivers a very cost effective bundle of financial services to the mobile population both domestic and internationally. Palisades has assembled a complete financial solution to address the everyday needs of the Mobile Payment Centric Consumer.

Our mobile payments solution will continue to deliver to our client and user base the ability to manage their every day needs for payments and services in all market segments.

Our Vision is to be the recognized leader and preferred mobile services solution for our clients and the mobile payments user community. We ensure the success of each client and user of our services by providing a robust technology solution along with world-class service and support.

Products & Services

Features for Our Financial Services Solution

Mobile Check Cashing

• Real time check deposit through the mobile phone

• Secure and easy to use

• Deposit funds instantly (check type dependent)

• Simple to Use

1. Over 90,000 retail locations in the U.S.

2. Add funds from your bank account

3. Secure and authenticated payments

Cross Border Remittance

• Send up to $999 in a single order to more than 50 countries (including the U.S.) in minutes for a fixed cost

• Save time & cost by sending money directly from your phone

• Funds are available for pickup - typically in minutes - at convenient locations

Bankcard Programs

• Credit

• Debit

• eWallet

• Mobile Payments

Bank Debit Card

• Full access to millions of ATM’s worldwide to obtain cash

• Balance is insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC

• Use the card at millions of retailers in the U.S. and around the world

• Direct deposit loading from employer

• Load at over 90,000 retail locations in the U.S.

• Add funds from your bank account

• Secure and authenticated payments

Bill Payment

• Pay more than 14,000 billers directly from your mobile phone, without the long lines or the last minute rush

• Pay bills faster and easier than ever

• Avoid late fees with same day posting (subject to biller availability)


• End to End Processing

• Account Hosting and Maintenance

• Full Package Implementation

• Custom Development

• System Integration

• Data and Platform Migration

• 24/7 Customer Support

Additional Information

• PALISADES offers the highest level of Banking and Processor security, due diligence and compliance:

1. All deposits are FDIC insured

2. Full Know Your Customer (KYC) validation on all wallet and debit card users

3. For higher limits more KYC information required and validated

4. Velocity limits based upon merchant ID

5. AML compliant on all transactions

• PALISADES supports all mobile devices including:

1. iPhone

2. Android


Two Factor Authentication Product

Palisades offers two robust solutions: Secure User Authentication and Transaction Verification for Online Retailer Payments, and Online Banking for Financial Institutions.

Online financial transactions, including online banking and Internet retailer payments, are the most cost effective way for financial institutions and merchants to deliver services to their customers. Online transactions cost pennies, versus the $5.00 to $7.00 cost per transaction for in-branch, in-store, or call-center transactions. Furthermore, online customers tend to use more services, carry higher balances, and make higher dollar purchases. For these reasons, financial institutions and merchants are very motivated to provide more online services. However, since the boom of the World Wide Web in the mid-nineties, Internet transactions have been plagued by attacks from cyber criminals and the problem continues to grow.

The basic fraud problem is one of identity theft – hackers gaining access to valid accounts and stealing money in a variety of ways. If a hacker can steal an accountholder’s logon credentials via phishing scams or by using a M-i-M attack, they can intercept a valid online banking transaction or Internet purchase transaction and transfer money into an account the hacker has set up in advance.

User Privacy and Security

To solve the problem of online fraud, while permitting payment card transactions to be used safely on the Internet requires the financial industry to implement strong multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication depends on the customer using two or more “factors” to authenticate their identity when performing online transactions. The standard solution for multifactor online access for corporations and government agencies is based on:

1. Something the user knows.

2. Something the user has – a “single purpose” OTP generating token. An OTP that is generated by the token each time the user performs a transaction. By changing the password each time, if an OTP is stolen online, it cannot be successfully re-used by a hacker

As noted earlier, “single purpose” OTP tokens have become the standard for multifactor solutions in corporate environments and government agencies, and have been in use for over a decade with impressive results. However, the expense of personalizing, distributing, and maintaining a large base of tokens prevents using them for consumer banking and Internet shopping.

Within the past decade, consumers have acquired a new device that can deliver OTPs reliably and conveniently – the mobile phone. Using the mobile phone, an OTP can be generated centrally. This solution is quick, reliable, cost effective, and very convenient to use.

Since the delivery of the OTP is via a channel that is completely independent of the Internet, it is highly secure against hacking attacks. (There is no current method that a hacker could use to coordinate a simultaneous attack on both the Internet and the cellular network in a way that would enable them to complete a fraudulent online banking or Internet purchase session).


PALISADES will implement three separate products based on the patent and other proprietary technology:


Provides secure “Two-Factor / Two-Channel Authentication” for online banking access and transactions.


Provides secure "Two-Factor / Two-Channel Authentication" for the use of credit, debit, and prepaid card purchases on the Internet without PIN exposure. DynaPay also provides protection against M-i-M attacks.


Delivers a call-to-action, targeted electronic advertising to the user’s mobile device, personal computer or tablet in conjunction with the One-Time Password while the user is completing their transaction.


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